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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We got Jerry and Ben mail!!!

We got a postcard from Jerry and Ben the other day!!!

They went on holiday to Puerto Rico!!!
Thanks you guys!!!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Year of the Llama - 2017

Personality of The Llama
The Llama is rather a sulky bad tempered chap and only improves his mood when presented with impeccable manners from his visitors.  Anything less results in a spit in your face, usually your eyes.  They originated in South America so they're fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and usually live in herds.  They're known for being very shaggy and occasionally trade their fur for a well cooked 3 Michelin starred dinner.  Served on the best china, of course.

Famous Llamas
Dalai Llama
Llama Karma Chameleon

Patron saint of the Llama I think is Saint Blaise - Information about him  is St Blaise - he's the patron saint of animals, vetenarians, Paraguay and wool workers, amongst others.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Treasure box....

Last year, I started putting money into my treasure box!  Every time we found a coin on the pavement (sidewalk) Andrea said that was mine and I could have it!!!

Wonder how much I've got.....?

Gosh, there's lots of paper money!!!  Asta gave me some of that when I visited her in Budapest though, so we're keeping that.

All this stuff we've found all over the place, some of it in Amsterdam!!  And that's the first plastic £5 note we were ever given so Andrea says I can keep that for posterity.  What's a posterity??

I also found some rusty washers, a key and a medallion

These 50p coins have got different pictures on, so I'm going to keep them in posterity too.  I think a posterity is like a coin album that you keep posh coins in.

These ones are £2 coins and they've all got different pictures on  too

These ones are foreign.  The copper ones are American.

These ones are Euro money.

I sold them to Andrea for 30p!!!!!

And this is all the English money that's my spending money!!!

We counted it all out and I got £13.54p!!!!!!
I'm rich!!!!!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Monday, 27 February 2017

The last bit of shopping....

We did some shopping at Horrids yesterday that we didn't show you because one of it was a surprise present..... but we've given the prezzie so we can show you now!!  We got two Posh Chocolate Spreads by Prestat - the above one was mandarin orange chocolate which we're keeping....

And this one was a cherry chocolate spread which my mate chose!!!
We tried the mandarin orange one with pancakes today, an it's YUMTASTIC!!!!!